God damn

14/01/2019 0 bình luận
God damn... thank God that we have the one true GOD in the white house leading us to salivation, the Promised Land flowing with Milk and Honey (both symbolic allusions to the sacred fertility of the goddess), flowing with a substance thats the color of milk and sticky like honey , where we can...

The intelligence is astounding

13/01/2019 0 bình luận
The intelligence is astounding. If you ever see these flocks of hundreds of crows, its insanely loud and disruptive. ive seen them roosting for the night in eucalyptus trees, circling for HOURS, making an ungodly ruckus, seemingly establishing order and position for roosting, before finally stfu....

Malia: Mr

13/01/2019 0 bình luận
Malia: Mr. Pete said you saved the day for the administration again. I don't know why you save them. I'm not getting political. Anyway, I love you. Congratulations! Pound it baby ?