War of choice, war of necessity

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War of choice, war of necessity... It's all one war, as Michael Herr, in 1977, told us: you “couldn’t use standard methods to date the doom; might as well say that Vietnam was where the Trail of Tears was headed all along, the turnaround point where it would touch and come back to form a...


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2048. I'm just consoled by the fact that whatever 2.3 transhuman version of Patri Friedman and Peter Thiel won't get to have fresh fish out on their seasteads. Though I suppose Elon Musk will have a salmon farm on Mars.

Haha i love this comment

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Haha i love this comment. Unfortunately, youtube is pretty much all i have...and that alone takes all my time producing. Working as hard as i can on getting it out there more in as many ways as i can, that will also help support the amount of time and workload involved