Looks good - hopefully this turns out well

Looks good - hopefully this turns out well. "The first trailer for the CW's Black Lightning has been released. The midseason drama focuses on the one-time Black Lightning Jefferson Pierce (played by Cress Williams), as he's drawn back into the costume to help his two daughters."

Old Thrity

23/06/2017 0 bình luận
As a child I lived in Hemp Street in the heart of old Ha Noi. I can remember how I was frightened each time I went upstairs, especially in the evening. I would then have to walk pass a small altar dedicated to Mr. Thirty.   He was there, awesome in a big picture, with his terrible green eyes,...

Hot khuc cake

23/06/2017 0 bình luận
Late in the winter night, the suburban where I live numbs in the glacial drizzle.   “ Hot khuc cakes! Who wants khúc cake?” the drooling and melancholy hawking of the roving merchant takes me out of my sweet torpor, muffled up as I am in my warm padded cotton cover.   I think of...

Angkor Wat

22/06/2017 0 bình luận
As French scholarship expanded, Western depictions of the temples changed. Plastic and textual representations rebuilt Angkor as a totem of the Western imagination, erasing contemporary residents from temple views or dramatizing them by the addition of helmets, spears, and a bizarre Roman-Angkorean...