I love to walk the city

29/08/2017 7 bình luận
I love to walk the city. Anywhere I go I always try to take in my surroundings. I feel more connected to everything when I do. So if you're ever feeling down, remember to look around you and see the beauty.

I've learned that fear limits you

I've learned that fear limits you. It can squash opportunities that may be waiting on you just around the corner. Your journey and path are valuable. Believe in your vision and your talents. Walk the path you're meant to take. Don't let fear control your freedom!

I teach DJ lessons

28/08/2017 4 bình luận
I teach DJ lessons. I have one student right now... I've been teaching her for a few months and she is learning fast! I teach vinyl, CDJ, XDJ, Traktor, Serrato, etc. Let me know if you are interested in learning more - PM me - serious inquiries only