I feel that #Facebook is going extinct

I feel that #Facebook is going extinct. What’s next? I’ll force myself to login more because I love you all. ? Someone please help me to invent “RetroSpace”, a sleek social media with customization options (within reason), catch phrases, and music that can be integrated into each page. Kind...

Friends: this happens on Saturday

11/05/2018 0 bình luận
Friends: this happens on Saturday. If you are in the Twin Cities, please come—you will have a great time and dance and revel and merrily musick and all of the good things in life. It will be a beautiful night, spiritually and meteorologically. Because we earned this, Minnesota. (With The Gated...

I don’t have an attitude

03/05/2018 2 bình luận
I don’t have an attitude. I’m short, sweet, and to the point. I say what I mean and I don’t beat around the bush for anyone. If that offends you, I can’t help you. Stop labeling me negatively for a trait that you would praise people of a different gender and/or ethnicity for.